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Using The Area Tournament Spreadsheet
for All Regions

The Tournament Spreadsheet can be accessed when you login with the Tournament Director Account.  Links to the various spreadsheets are on the Area Web Site, and here.

U14G, U14B, U12B, U12G, U10B, U10G

The spreadsheet is designed to automate much of the tournament.  The spreadsheets differ slightly by region, taking into account different fields and check-in procedures.  The included spreadsheets are;
  1. Information and Rules - general info for coaches
  2. Referee Booking - referees can self-book games
  3. Coach Check-in - detailed procedure for coaches
  4. Team List - information is collated from sheets
  5. Pool Standings - points and other data
  6. Games - schedule with the teams in pools according to ranking
  7. Pool Tiebreakers - calculates advancing team from each pool
  8. Championship Round - auto populates the teams advancing
  9. Team Attendance Management - admin page used by Director
  10. IMPORTABLE GAME SCHEDULE - calculated game schedule for WYS

Detail Procedure for Tournament Director

You will need an iPhone, iPad or laptop with a 3G Internet connection to enter information and manage the spreadsheet form the field alternatively, on tournament day, or organize a phone-in to a person with a computer.  The results can be posted online in real-time, allowing persons at various fields to see the tournament results as they develop.

Note that from time to time Google does updates that do not work with iPhone.  If that is the case, usually the Chrome browser on iPhone will work.
  1. In the sheet named, "Information and Rules"
    1. Review the information and amend it for your region
  2. In the sheet named. "Coach Check-In"
    1. Review the procedure and amend it for your region
  3. In the sheet name, "Referee Booking"
    1. Let referees know that they can sign up for games. 
    2. Encourage referees to sign up for championship games.  Many are reluctant, not knowing if their player gets into the round.  
    3. If a referee ends up on his own kids' game, he can switch games with another referee at the field.
  4. In the Sheet named, "Team Attendance Management"
    1. enter the team names into Column E, replacing the text, "Team 1", "Team 2", etc.  Enter the teams in ranked order, and they will be automatically placed in pools and spread out on the game schedule to calculate pool position for seeding the championship games.
    2. Enter the team color into column G, and the team designations into column D, such as 26-3 for Region 26 team 3.  Be sure to retain this format.
    3. Use the columns J & K to track your progress at getting information from the teams, including a signed roster from the RC of the team's region.
    4. You need to confirm the coaches Safe Haven status, eAYSO registration status and coaching certification.  If all check out, then put "yes" into column H.  Enter the coach name into column I.
  5. The Sheet named, "Games
    1. shows the schedule of matches.  For Saturday, 6 matches are scheduled on each of 4 fields. 
    2. enter the field names into the appropriate locations
    3. As each game finishes, enter the score into the    purple  boxes, in columns F and G.  
    4. Enter any Yellow or Red cards into the appropriate columns.  A coach sendoff is recorded the same as a player sendoff.
    5. The Points will be calculated for each game in the blue box, and transferred to the other spreadsheets.

  1. The Sheet named, "Pool Standings
    1. shows the final results of the play on Saturday.  
    2. This information is calculated automatically.  There is no need to edit anything on this page.  This information is used to determine which teams advance in each pool.
  2. The Sheet named, "Pool Tiebreakers"
    1. The Team Name and Points in the green columns are calculated automatically to show the teams advancing from the pool play.
    2. The blue columns are used to break a tie.  If there is a tie in point in the green column for one of the pools, then the blue columns will use the conditions of play and advances the teams based on the area tournament rules.
      1. If the teams are still tied all the way through column I, you toss a coin to determine which team advances, or any other method you, the Tournament Director chooses.  Default method is to flip a coin.
      2. if you have to break the tie, then enter the winning team into the yellow box for that pool.
      3. the yellow boxes show the team which advances to the championship round, and the points. 
  3. The Sheet, "Championship Round" shows the games on Sunday for the teams that advance to this round.
    1. Teams advance automatically to this page.  The sheet tries to allocate the contestants so that teams from the same region do not play.  It may not succeed, as there are so many potential combinations to cover.  If it does not work, write in the team match ups you want.
    2. Championship games must run until there is a clear winner.  First an overtime, and then goal kicks to determine the winner