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Area 2A Manny Hirschel Award Winners

The Manny Hirschel award recognizes sustained, distinguished and superb achievement in serving the volunteers and customers in AYSO Area 2A and outreach to the Regions for contributions made to the improvement of the quality of our AYSO program. The award was named after Manny Hirschel and first given to him at the SAGM in 2000 with the plan to give it out in subsequent years to other worthy members of AYSO with one award winner coming from each Area in AYSO Section 2.

Nominations can be submitted by all Area board members and staff directly to the Area Director by November 10th: ( The annual recipient of the Manny Hirschel Award will be selected from the submitted nominees by the Area Director and any designees of the Area Director for this purpose.

Past Manny Hirschel Award Winners

2017    Stephen Hansen, Area Director of Referee Instruction
2016    Sagit Andrews, behind the scenes 2A support and past Region 44 RC
2015    Beau James, ARA
2014    J. Drew Van Horne, past AD and Region 45 RC
2013    John Robbins, past ACA and Region 44 VIP Coordinator
2012    Caroline Lambert, past ADRA and Region 26 RC
2011    Rob Schreiber, past ARA and Randy Harr, past AD and Region 43 RC
2010    none
2009    Janet and Jose Nunez, model VIP program in Region 44
2008    Dave Elward, past AD and Region 26 RC
2007    Maurice Bizzarri, past ADRI and S2 SDRI
2006    Scott McGhee, Under 16/19 Play Coordinator
2005    Bob Arasmith, WYS developer and Region 44 RC
2004    Jann Rudkin, past AD and Region 44 RC
2003    Jim Madison, past ACA and long time volunteer
2002    Jim Madden
2001    Roy Levin, National Referee Council member, past RRA for Region 26