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Coach Certification Training in AYSO Area 2A and Its Regions

In complaince with AYSO's National Coaching Program, a number of coach training courses are offered by AYSO Area 2A, the individual Regions as well as advanced training by Section 2. Training to or above the level of team you are coaching is required for head coaches and strongly encouraged and soon to be required for assistant coaches. In addition to the below coach certification training requirements, all coaches must be registered for the current soccer year and have completed AYSO Safe Haven Training.

Division You Are Coaching

Minimum Coach Certification Training



U-6 Coach (Safe Haven)

Under-8 (includes Under-7)

U-8 Coach (Safe Haven)


U-10 Coach (Safe Haven)


U-12 Coach (Safe Haven)


Intermediate Coach (U-12 Coach)


Advanced Coach (Intermediate Coach)


Advanced Coach (Intermediate Coach)

AYSO Section 2 Sponsored Training
Golden Gate Camp, AYSO's Premier Instructional Retreat for Coaches, Referees and Management staff is being offered in the month of July in the Bay Area. Intermediate and Advanced Coach Certification training will be offered at the camp in addition to other times throughout the year in and around Area 2A.
AYSO Area 2A Sponsored Training
AYSO Area 2A typically sponsores one or two Under-12 Coach and one Intermediate Coach certification course in the month of August. Please visit eAYSO to view the courses that are offered locally and to pre-register.
Training Sponsored by Regions in AYSO Area 2A
The individual regions within AYSO Area 2A provide all of the U-6 Coach, U-8 Coach and U-10 Coach certification training sessions and the larger regions (Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Mountain View/Los Altos) generally offer U-12 Coach certification training.
Please visit the individual region web sites for details on the training classes that they offer. You can take training through any region or area - it does not need to be your home region.
On-Line Training
Nothing can replace hands-on training, but if you simply do not have time to attend one of the training courses offered locally, Safe Haven training as well as U-6 Coach, U-8 Coach and the classroom portion of U-10 Coach are offered on-line. Once you have registered as an AYSO volunteer through your region and have received your AYSO ID, you can visit to take the on-line training courses that AYSO offers.